Friday, November 21, 2014

Mai & Fanny adventures: Ze'elim!

Hello everyone. 
I'm Fanny and basically in this blog I'm going to post photos,stories and thoughts from my life. My English is not very good so try to Ignore my spelling mistakes.
I carry my camera almost everywhere I go, and I like to explore new places and to go as many places I can. My dream is to travel the world somehow.
Two days ago me and my best friend Mai went to a tribute to Pink Floyd that took a place on Kibbutz (Like a small village) Ze'elim, It is very close to the border with Gaza. The songs were performed (very good!) by teenagers around the ages of 14-16, and the whole place was packed with proud parents,people with good taste in music and friends. The atmosphere was warm and awesome, and there was free tea (!!!!).
For me and Mai It was really exciting to go there. we live in the center of the state so it is considered quite far,and we took a train to there- we never take trains in normal days because everything is so close and a ticket is pretty expensive.
Oh, and its pretty much in the middle of the desert.
I really hope there will be many adventures like this in the future.

At the tribute

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