Saturday, November 29, 2014

Mai & Fanny's adventures: The big field

Whoa! Finally have something to post about!Today was saturday, the one day we have off school. when I was younger, me and my family always went to trips and fun days on saturday. Now, we do this not really often and this day became more like a math-day.. or a photoshoots day.
It really bug me that the the saturdays were wasted like this, especially now after two weeks of alot of math and almost not going out at all (except school).
So we decided, on saturdays, getting up pretty early in the morning and to go to the farest places we can get by walking. But we were forced to delay it week after week, until today!
It was spontaneous, and too late, but we made it to what I call now "The Big Field".
Maybe to some of you It's a standard view, or looks like a tiny field, but for me, considering the fact it's a half-hour walk away- and not somewhere at the far north, It's huge!

Photos by Mai.

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