Monday, November 24, 2014

Photos of the week #1

I got nothing really interesting to post about, so I decided to start doing the "Photos of the week" thing.
In the end of the week, I will choose my favorite photos that I took along this week and share them here. I will try to do this every week, but probably sometimes there won't be any good I don't promise anything.

9-15.11.14 :

This two photos have a short story. A day before my brother moved to berlin, the heat wave was over and there was a really strong fog outside, That was so cool! I was soooo excited so I convinced my brother to go out and see it. It was AMAZING!

Shot through a glass with coca-cola.


well, that's all for this week. Have A Cigar stock in my head.
oh and I started to watch lost. goodbey life.

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